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Safety & Standartdizations

Pancaran have acquired certificates in the safety of offshore and onshore operations : 
  • ISO - International Organization of Standardization.  Pancaran Group has passed the ISO standardization for Pancaran Samudera Transport in terms of quality, reliability and safety.
  • HSSE - Health, Safety, Security Environment.  Pancaran Group has acquired all skill and consistency for a safe, reliable and efficient environment for their staff and third parties where careful planning and performance prevent accidents and incidents.
  • ISM - International Safety Management.  This code revolves around safety of life at sea and marine pollution when related to shipping. Pancaran Group has ensured all technical aspects of the ship, training of ship personnel and marine pollution is done with an organized, well-controlled process.

Safety for Life 

The safety of our employees is always a principal aspect in our operations. Our goal is to eliminate workplace accidents and assure safety during our transportation process. Operational safety procedures are regularly monitored and strictly followed with active encouragement. 

Health and safety is precedence because we care about our people, but also to because it's important for us to bond on our good reputation and our license on health and safety. 

Environmental Concern 

As our business and our clients are important, so are the environment and the earth we live in. Here are some ways in which we ensure that we provide logistic solutions without causing too much damage and hazards to the environment: 
  • Assuring environmental policies and objectives are followed firmly.
  • Disposing, handling and controlling all shipping waste in an environmental friendly way.
  • Following the laws and regulations of the company's Quality & Environmental system (ISO, HSSE, ISM CODES)
  • Improving safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships.
  • Safety Operations, environmental protection and guaranteed quality is followed by all members of staff from the top management, the R& D, the customer service and all employees.
  • Contributing to ocean preservation by reusing and recycling. And many other protective methods to reinforce safety standardizations !