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"Sky is the limit" - Our breakthrough in Technology

Technological advancement is not a new revolution in almost every business industry. Science and Nature have become one and have come up with tremendous advancement in order to aid businesses into a well-being growth for both the owners and customers.

Pancaran Group aims to reach high.. With our famous motto "sky is the limit", we have been working in close relationships with local partners and other joint ventures, reaching global markets and continuous growth.

As the transportation industry has evolved, so has the need for groundbreaking innovation. PANCARAN strives to monitor innovative research and therefore offers the most efficient, cost - effective transport services to our customers.

Innovation, Success, Growth and Environmental Awareness is enhanced in every possible way!

Our most recent breakthrough is our GPS Tracking system applied on almost all our trucks and other transportation modes. This leaves customers 'stress-free' during the transportation process; as the whereabouts of their goods can be located easily and hassle-free!!
Wednesday, 22 June 2011
CEO Message
Eighteen years ago, PANCARAN was a company formed with the goal to achieve success in transportation business. Back then, we had trailers, trucks, and several more armadas for inland transportation business only. Over time, PANCARAN stepped forward and manages to expand the business, not only for inland transportation, but also for the sea transportation and ship building. ...   more
Friday, 13 May 2011
PT. Pancaran Samudera Transport get a certificate ISO 9001:2008
PT. Pancaran Samudera Transport get a certificate ISO 9001:2008 for Provision of Shipping Line Operation...   more
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